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Team Manager

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Team Manager allows you to manage multiple teams. For each team you can add members, create schedules, keep track of game scores with scoreboards, create equipment lists, and then automatically send email or txt messages to members. You can add coaches or team parents to each team and store their contact information for later viewing by team members. You can even upload a team logo. Team Manager automatically sends an email with the member's username and password to each member when you add them.

Members will be able to view their teams' schedule and scoreboard, reply to messages sent by the Team Leader, check off items on equipment lists, and update all of their information.

Schedules, scoreboards and messages can automatically be emailed or txt on a daily basis if you choose that option when adding new entries. Everything is updateable.

New Addition: If any Team Manager or parent accesses the website via a mobile device it will automatically detect and reroute them to our NEW Team Manager mobile site with all the functionality perfectly adapted to any cell phone.

The Process

First, register as a Team Leader. After you have logged in, you will have to create a team before anything else will work, since everything is based off your teams. Once you have created your list of members, you can create multiple schedules, scoreboards, and equipment lists. You can also send messages to your members. You can add new members, schedules, messages, scoreboards, and even teams at anytime.


Create multiple teams and add members for each team. Store members contact information, position, and emails.


Manage membersí information, positions, emails, cell phone numbers, parents' name(s), food exclusions and other notes.


Keep track of game or practice scores. Members will be able to view the scoreboards when logged in. Notify members of new entries.


Keep track of events such as games, practices, and meetings. Set a date for each event, choose a couple of options and Team Manager will automatically email or txt your team members a reminder of the event.

Equipment List

Manage equipment lists for each team, add items each team member must purchase or add items that you provide with the options or sizes you have. Notify members of new lists or items.


Email or txt members through Team Manager's message section. Each message will send an email and or txt to each member and coach you select. You also have the option for Team Manager to automatically contact each member and coach up to four days prior to the date selected, as well as having the option to require selected members to respond to the message through the Team Managers message system.